The cultural and social actives take place every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, meeting at TMI reception at 19:15. The cultural events usually have a small size of around 10 – 15 students per activity allowing for a personalized experience. Furthermore, if you have booked a Course and Accommodation package with the institute, all of your cultural activities are Free of charge. If you have not booked the Course and accommodation package, then you can purchase a multiple cultural tour passes at a discounted rate from the institute reception.

Cultural Events Pricing 2021

(Currently the TMI Cultural Events program is only open to Students enrolled as a student in TMI)

Cultural Event Pass – One Time NT$ 450
Cultural Event Weekly pass – (3 trips)* NT$ 1,200
Cultural Event Pass – Monthly Saver (12 Trips)** NT$ 4,300
Cultural Event Pass – 3 Months Multi (36 Trips) NT$ 11,500
Visitor – Accompanying Guest – One Time*** NT$ 500

* weekly pass (3 trips) – Must be consecutive tours.
** Monthly saver pass (12 Trips) – the 12 trips must be used up within 40 Days of Pass issue date.
*** Visitor Pass – If you have a friend in Taipei that is not enrolled in the school you are entitled to invite along as a guest at a cost of NT$500 per event
Notes: Any student that has booked the course and student or ensuite accommodation will automatically be issued the unlimited cultural pass on arrival at the institute.