The cultural and social activities are strictly for TMI students only and take place every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, meeting at TMI reception at 19:00pm. The Weekend half day tour meets every Saturday at 10am at the TMI reception (again strictly only for TMI students- if you bring local friends or other aliens then they will be refused entry). Each cultural event usually has a group size of around 8 – 15 students per activity allowing for a personalized cultural experience. Furthermore, if you have booked a Course and Accommodation package with the institute, all of your cultural activities are Free of charge, Yes that’s right!, all Cultural activities are free of charge to Housing students of TMI. If you have not booked the Course with accommodation package, then you can purchase a multiple cultural tour passes at a discounted rate from the institute reception.

Cultural Events Pricing 2021/2022

(Currently the TMI Cultural Events program is only open to Students enrolled as a student in TMI)

Cultural Event Pass – One Time NT$ 450
Cultural Event Weekly pass – (3 trips)* NT$ 1,200
Cultural Event Pass – Monthly Saver (12 Trips)** NT$ 4,300
Cultural Event Pass – 3 Months Multi (36 Trips) NT$ 11,500
Parent/Spouse – Accompanying Guest – One Time*** NT$ 600

* weekly pass (3 trips) – Must be consecutive tours.
** Monthly saver pass (12 Trips) – the 12 trips must be used up within 40 Days of Pass issue date.
*** Spouse/parent Pass – If you have a spouse in Taipei that is not enrolled in the school you are entitled to invite along as a guest at a cost of NT$600 per event
Notes: Any student that has booked the course and student or ensuite accommodation will automatically be issued the unlimited cultural pass on arrival at the institute.