“TMI offers excellent, student-centred language tuition in small classes at a very reasonable price.

Before I came to Taiwan, I had originally planned to study at Shida’s MTC centre. However when I arrived in Taipei, I was advised by many long term ex-pats who had studied there that the teaching methods used at Shida are quite old fashioned and teacher-centred, with large class sizes and a lot of emphasis on writing rather than speaking.

I looked around for other options and was happy to find TMI. As an English teacher here, I have a busy work schedule and was looking for a very specific class time and language level. TMI have been really helpful in arranging the class time to suit my needs, and the small class size – there are only two of us in the class- means the teacher is able to really focus on the areas I need to improve. I feel like I’m getting the teaching quality of a one-to-one class, with the motivational and cost benefits of a group class. My Chinese has improved significantly in the three months I’ve studied here, and I would definitely recommend TMI to anyone considering studying Mandarin in Taiwan”.

Jamie-Auld-Smith, Scotland