Taiwan Mandarin Institute (TMI) has long been operating its online live Mandarin classes directly from its modern, fully equipped computer labs located at the school’s Taipei Location. This allows the student to experience the same curriculum, real-life classroom setting, customer service, and an experienced native teacher direct to their own home or mobile device, wherever they are in the world.

Online Mandarin Chinese Classes

Our Teachers
TMI is proud to employ up to 25 full-time teachers at its Taipei head office location. In addition to its teaching staff, TMI also employs a branch manager, academic director, 10+ various administration and management staff, dedicated solely to you, the student.

Our Facilities
During the year 2014, the institute settled on using a WebEx/Cisco-based operating system for all its online Mandarin Chinese classes. Using this unique operating system, it differs greatly from the likes of Skype or Zoom and this, easy to use operating system allows for a faster connection, 99% uptime, Two-way video showing a real-life whiteboard (positioned behind the teacher) and is fully web-based with no expensive software or download required.

A) Online Private 1/1 One-on-One
Class Timings: Flexible – Students can choose between 8am-8pm Mondays to Fridays (Taipei Time zone GMT+8).

…More information in the ONLINE LIVE DISTANCE MANDARIN COURSES brochure


B) Online Distance Intensive Group Class (2-6 Students)
12 Hours per week. Classes commence weekly every Monday at 6pm Taipei time (UTC/GMT+8)

Beginner Class: (Mondays – Thursdays 6pm-9pm*- Total 12 Hours Per Week)
Lower Intermediate Class: (Mondays- Thursdays 6pm-9pm*- Total 12 Hours Per Week)
Intermediate Class:  (Mondays- Thursdays 6pm-9pm*- Total 12 Hours Per Week)

*Taipei Time Zone GMT/UTC +8 – No class on Fridays. 12 Hours are actual contact learning hours with the teacher, students should allow adequate non-classroom time for revision and homework, etc.
Online Mandarin Chinese Classes Price List

Booking and starting your Online Class
Please discuss all the suitable class timings with your admission officer via email or if you are in contact with a referring agent/partner of TMI, then make sure you agree the class times clearly.

For more information, please contact us via tel. number +886-223-653-859 (during our office hours) or via email info@tmichinese.com